Lugar Quiçá


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“To live in and blend with the environment without belonging to it.
There are some things that do not fit, that are not part, but that are nonetheless born there.”

The video is a reflection about what is natural and artificial; integrating these two concepts in the same space, it suggests a relation built upon the complete symbiosis and the transformation of one into the other. The work was developed through the collaboration of artists from different areas, what has determined the characteristic traits and the forms of the video.

The creation process of Lugar Quiçá had its beginning in December, 2009, during the Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Programe of Forum Dança, in Lisbon, Portugal, with the artistic orientation of Patrícia Portela. The finalization of the video happened in April 2010, in an Artistic Residency on Edifício – Structure formed by Forum Dança and Rumo do Fumo. The première has taken place on Alkantara Festival, an international festival of performative arts.

Direction & Interpretation: Cinira Macedo, Julia Salaroli e Kandyê Medina.
Camera & Photo: Jorge Graça.
Music: Simão Costa.
Editing: Vasco Costa.
Image processing: Guilherme Duarte.
Concept: Cinira Macedo, Claudia Tomasi, Julia Salaroli e Kandyê Medina.

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